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Showing help on The Generic Flashlight (#2052)

shine flashlight at anything: By typing this you reveal what the character/object is carrying, what it's real name is, and it's real description, without the effects of a :look_self verb. If the flashlight isn't on, or you have taken the battery out, you can't shine it at anything.

turn flashlight on: This enables the shine verb, if it's already on, or the battery is out, it can't turn on.

off flashlight: It turns the flashlight off, you can't turn it off if it's already off, and by doing this, you can't shine it.

battery from flashlight: This takes the battery out, you can't shine or turn it on with this verb in effect.

replace into flashlight: This puts the battery back in, and you can do all when this verb is typed! :)

Any extra help can be attained from cheese-whiz.

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