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Showing help on MOO Gaming HUB (#1994)

This room is dedicated to being a portal to all the great games on the MOO. If you'd like a link to your game added, please mail the Jay (#8438) with the object number of the room. Only complete, working games with be linked to the gaming hub. Feel free to make the gaming hub your some ('@sethome') to have quick access to all your favorite MOO games.

The MOOGameProject will give out quota to game programs who have created fun, exciting MOO-based games. There is base amount to be given, but there are some criteria:

1. The game must make good use of the MOO's file system (descriptions, data, etc.).

2. The game should be (fairly) bug free, fun and playable.

3. The game must have a well written help file

All comments, questions or suggestions should be sent to *Great-MOO-Games (#2708).

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