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Showing help on mymap (#1808)

This map allows a player to see where they are, and where they may go. It is simple to set up a map system for your own area; any builder can do it.

First create a .map_msg property on one of your objects with '@newmess map on ' then use '@notedit .map_msg' to draw your map. Then set the .GPS property on every room that you want to access the map. Use '@set .GPS to {, , }'. The .GPS property stores the object number of the object where the map may be found, and then the X, then the Y co-ordinate.

For instance a room with a .GPS property set to {#988, 4, 7} would attempt to access a map on Odo's bucket, then tell the user that they are 4 characters from the left and 7 from the top of that map. For a working example, look at the map system on DS9 or DT.

If the map cannot find a valid .GPS property on any containing room, it asks the generic vehicle to find all obvious exits from that room. Also of note, the .token property on the map stores what character is used for the "You are here" flag (default is '*').

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a network of several dozen satilites that may be used to calculate an object's latitude, longitude, and altitude anywhere on Earth, accurate to within ten meters.

This object was programmed by Odo (#987), please mail him with suggestions and complaints if you experience problems.

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