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Showing help on The Conversion Object (#1112)

Pcf allows the feature object owner to be sent mail when players add or remove the feature. This option is controlled by the .notify_add and .notify_remove properties.

FO owners can also monitor the usage of their feature verbs, to determine which of the verbs are being used by other players. To have verbs monitored by the FO, the following line should be placed at the top of each of its feature verbs, immediately after the verb help documentation (if any):

this:update_usage(verb, player);

`@usage ' will report how many times each feature verb has been used.

Pcf also keeps track of a .users list, which is updated in the verbs :feature_add and :feature_remove. The verb `@update-users ' can be used to scan the players database and set the .users list to all players who use the feature, in case the list is inaccurate for some reason.

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