TriNitY (#9579)

You're looking at a semi-dangerous girl, she carries her 8mm with her at all times. She is about 5'9 in height with short black hair. Her whole body is coverwith a shiny black suit with black long-legged boots that zip to her knees. She wears a black trench coat to cover her body, which isn't visible. You see her face but, the black shades cover her eyes, so that you can't read the truth in her eyes. What century? 22nd. She tends to be distant, in her own world, but she tries not to release her hatred,and angry against you, about her world.
Though, her whole life has been around running away from agents in the Matrix, she tries not to think about her life...

Fortunely for you, WE can't tell you what the matrix is.... you'll have to see it for yourself....

She is currently sleeping.
She isn't carrying anything.

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