Gopher utilities (#175)

An interface to Gopher internet services.
Copyright (c) 1992,1993 Grump,JoeFeedback@LambdaMOO.

This object contains just the raw verbs for getting data from gopher servers and parsing the results. Look at #50122 (Generic Gopher Slate) for one example of a user interface.

:get(site, port, selection)
Get data from gopher server: returns a list of strings, or an error if it couldn't connect. Results are cached.

:get_now(site, port, selection)
Used by $gopher:get. Arguments are the same: this actually gets the
data without checking the cache. (Don't call this, since the
caching is important to reduce lag.)

:show_text(who, start, end, site, port, selection)
Requires wiz-perms to call.
like who:notify_lines($gopher:get(..node..)[start..end])

Erase the gopher cache.

<img src=">arse(string)
Takes a directory line as returned by $gopher:get, and return a list
{host, port, selector, label}
host, port, and selector are what you send to :get.
label is a string, where the first character is the type code.

returns the name of the gopher type indicated by the character, e.g.
$gopher:type("I") => "image"

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