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  <usage>@summon <param>player</param></usage>
    <p>Instantly <link>@move</link> the offending <param>player</param> to your location, <b>whether he wants to or not</b>. <i>Very</i> useful when you need to chat with someone and remind them that you're the boss.</p>
    <p if="(player:isa($webber)?player.user|player):isa($teacher)">Teachers can only <eg>@summon</eg> their students, guardians may <eg>@summon</eg> anyone.</p>

    <list type="a">
<function>return tostr(ctime());</function>

    <topics title="Related help topics:">
      <topic name="@sethome" name="@set-home">how to change your designated home</topic>
      <topic name="chez">teleports you to someone else's home</topic>

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