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Using The Shout Feature (#1213)'s `@shout' verb, you can shout a message to all players on the MOO, providing that they have chosen to listen to them.  No shouting may be done outside of this feature object.

Shouting MOO-wide messages can be useful, especially if you need help immediately or wish to make some kind of announcement.  However, they can be very annoying, and often they become inappropriate, or develop into MOO-wide `cross-shouting'.

A set of guidelines for appropriate shouting can be found by reading `?policy-shouting'.

If you would like to ignore all shouts, simply remove the shouting feature (Type: `@rmfeature #1213').  To ignore them while in an editor only, type: `@edit-option -shouts'

Furthermore, if you see shouts that are inappropriate, offensive, or if there is blatent abuse of shouting, please 911 it to let the Wizzen know.
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