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File name: say
    <TT>say &lt;anything&gt; ...</TT>
    <TT>"&lt;anything&gt; ...</TT>

Says <TT>&lt;anything&gt;</TT> out loud, so that everyone in the same room hears it.  This is so commonly used that there's a special abbreviation for it: any command-line beginning with a double-quote (") is treated as a 'say' command.

Munchkin types this:
  <TT>"This is a great MOO!</TT>
Munchkin sees this:
  <TT>You say, "This is a great MOO!"</TT>
Others in the same room see this:
  <TT>Munchkin says, "This is a great MOO!"</TT>

Despite the fact that this MOO understands HTML, you cannot use these tags to mark-up what you say.  This is due to the fact that it was found that the users more often wanted to talk about HTML than use it while talking.

See also:  ?emote?, ?communication?
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