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<p>On `Moo Canada, eh?' there are seven different kinds of users:</p>

  <li><link target="players">Players</link> -- These are users who can walk around, look at stuff, and interact with objects and other players on the MOO.</li>
  <li><link target="builders">Builders</link> -- As the name implies, builders can create their own objects and new rooms. Builders are limited to making children of objects that other people have made fertile.</li>
  <li><link target="programmers">Programmers</link> -- Programmers may write verbs on their objects.. This allows them to make objects that are not merely copies of their parents, but have unique functionality of their own.</li>
  <li><link target="mentors">Mentor</link> -- Mentors are people who help new players through their first few connections. In all other respects, mentors are programmers.</li>
  <li>Guardian -- These are highly trusted users that have been given special powers to grant quota, deal with trouble-makers, and view restricted information.</li>
  <li><link target="imp">Imp</link> -- The trouble-makers of the MOO. These people have the power to do virtually anything.</li>
  <li>Wizard -- The overseers of the MOO. These people have the power to do virtually anything. They are ultimately responsible for the MOO.</li>

<p>For informtion on how to change ranks, see <link target="promotion" />.</p>
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