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`MOO Canada, Eh?' is committed to maintaining your privacy with regards to other MOO users and other Internet sites. Our privacy policies may seem draconian, but that is an unfortunate and neccesary consequence of operating a site with such a large user base with few resources at our disposal. We can ensure you that except in extreme circumstances, the information we have access to for debugging, maintainance and policy-enforcement purposes will never be seen by eyes other than our own.

The following help topics deal with specific areas and issues regarding privacy on our MOO:

privacy-wizards -- Information about the ability of wizards to view all unreadable data on the MOO.
privacy-logging -- the ability of others to log and retransmit anything you say to them or in their presence.
privacy-email -- what we use your email address for and who gets to see it.
policy-social -- other users also have obligations about your privacy

Other topics you may be interested in:

Type `help <topic>' for information on a particular topic.
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