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Shouting - Watchful
Shouts are generally annoying, so please only shout when it is prudent to do so, and when it concerns the entire MOO.  They must be completely appropriate, and DO NOT reply to a shout with another shout.  When possible, just post to a newsgroup, or page only the people that it concerns (Use ?@page? to page multiple people at once, for this case).

All shouts must be done through the <TT>Shout Feature (#1213)</TT>.  Custom shout verbs will be found and removed.  For more info on shouting, see ?shouting?.

SPAM - Not Tolerated
SPAM is generally considered unwanted unneeded excessive text.  Things like saying or paging things repeatedly, sending mass amounts of MOO-Mail to someone, or just blatently outputting excessive gibberish are examples of SPAM.

People dislike SPAM (the text), and anyone caught spamming another player will be punished.  In addition, anyone caught selling or dealing SPAM (the meat) on the MOO will be severely punished by being force-fed KLIK with a spork.

(For a neat ASCII, check out ?spam?)
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