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`MOO Canada, Eh?' is a youth-oriented MOO, and holds the following policies in consequence of this fact.  
* Swearing - Delimited
    Swearing will only be allowed if no individual that comes across it is offended.  In other words, know who is in the room when you speak, and certainly avoid swearing on a public newsgroup.  A disclaimer in the room's description may help, but do not depend on it to save you.  
* Violence - Highly Delimited
    Violence on the MOO is not condoned.  It must be contained in a clearly delimited area (say, a Coliseum or a Boxing Ring).  It also wouldn't hurt to gain the approval of The Wizzen to ensure that nothing mysteriously gets recycled.  
* Sex - *Restricted*
    Performing consensual virtual sexual acts on the MOO must remain COMPLETELY private.  Page each other, lock your room, or to be completely safe, just take it elsewhere.  No one wants to know about it or hear about it.  
    Nonconsensual sexual acts on the MOO will be regarded with the same seriousness as rape, and will be dealt with using the strongest measures possible (see ?penalties).  
    Serious discussion of sexual topics is allowed; however, please be wary of who is listening.  
* Harassment - zero-tolerance
    The harassment of other players is a serious offence, and will be dealt with harshly.  This includes unwanted communication, content (swearing, sexual acts, etc), and spam (see policy-spam).  
* Privacy and Spying
    It is not OK to spy on people without their consent.  This includes entering a room silently; any objects entering a room are expected to announce themselves.
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