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<p>This MOO's quota system is based on objects quota, byte quota and disk quota:</p>

<list type="*">
<li>Object quota -- The number of objects one can built.  This is designed to limit the quantity of stuff that new players build, and encourage them to improve on their object's quality.</li>

<li>Byte quota -- The number of bytes that a player's object can use in MOO Canada's memory.  Verbs and properties (such as descriptions) take up byte quota.</li>

<li>Disk quota -- The number of bytes that a player's objects can use on MOO Canada's hard drive.  Files (such as mail) use up disk quota.</li>

<p>At the moment, the quota distribution is as follows:</p>

                   $player  $builder  $prog
    Object quota   10 obj   30 obj    40 obj
    Byte quota     10 kb    30 kb     40 kb
    Disk quota     20 kb    60 kb     80 kb

<p>To obtain more quota, one must demonstrate that ones existing quota is being used in a manner that helps other people (such as productive generics, popular feature objects, active newsgroups, etc).  If you think you quallify, you can ask a guardian to assess you for a quota increase, or send a mail message to <eg>*Quota-Requests</eg>.</p>

<p>Our policy about creating secondary characters for extra quota is covered in <link>policy-seconds</link> (hint, it's frowned upon).</p>

<topics title="Related topics:">
<topic name="@quota">Lists a player's quota.</topic>
  <topic name="@audit" name="@prospectus">Lists a person's possessions in different formats.</topic>
  <topic if="!((player:isa($webber) ? player.user | player):isa($guardian))" name="@give" name="@take">Sharing quota with other users.</topic>
  <topic if="((player:isa($webber) ? player.user | player):isa($guardian))" name="@give" name="@take">Modifying a user's quota.</topic>

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