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Absolutely no criminal or illegal activities will be tolerated on the MOO.  This MOO was built and is maintained to be a safe, clean and fun environemnt for people to work, play, teach and learn in, and so no only must our policies be respected, but also the law.

A few examples of what is NOT acceptable here:
* storing or dealing illegally obtained or illegally posessed information with malicious intent (ie credit card numbers)
* dealing or promoting pornography of any sort
* dealing drugs or any controlled substances
* dealing pirated or otherwise stolen property (ie software)
* blackmail, extortion, fraud, espionage, harassment (read ?policy-social), stalking, etc.

In addition, we will not tolerate the posession or trade of any sort of hate-literature.  We also forbid the collection of Email addresses for commercial use or distribution, and we forbid the use of the MOO as a tool for mass-Emailing.

It should be noted that we the wizzen do not arbitrairly investigate users' affairs (snooping through E-Mail, @listen, @lc) unless we have reason to suspect them of activities against policy.  We do have respect for your privacy, however if we stumble upon something (checking someone's @lc while helping them, and finding something illegal), it will be acted upon.

We reserve the right to pass judgement on your actions as we see fit (and this can be beneficial too).  We also reserve the right to notify appropriate authorities when offences are deemed serious enough to have criminal charges pressed.

This is a zero-tolerance policy of directly involving the MOO in illegal activities, and such cases will be dealt with accordingly with the strictest measures.
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