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<p>Hacking is fun.  Hacking is educational.  Hacking is allowed on this MOO.</p>

<p>This being said, however, there are some boundaries to be set, lest the wizzen end up spending all their time chasing down hackers, and not doing anything useful:</p>

<li>No part of the MOO may be damaged in any way that is not entirely trivial to repair.</li>
<li>Hackers may not adversely affect other players, and should respect their privacy.</li>
<li>Hackers MUST divulge all information on how they accomplished their hack when questionned.</li>
<li>Hackers may not actively impede wizzenly investigation. This includes framing other players and disrupting the wizzen's ability to function properly (e.g. modifying the MOO to report incorrect information).</li>

<p>Breaking these guidelines will be dealt with very harshly, and may force our hacking policy to be tightened.</p>

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