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<p>`MOO Canada, Eh?' is generally a youth-oriented MOO.  People who come here should be able to live, work, and play in a safe, clean, and friendly

<topics title="The following policies help to maintain this environment:">
<topic name="policy-social">A guideline for proper behaviour on the MOO.</topic>
<topic name="policy-legal">Zero-tolerance of illegal activities. (We don't want to be liable!)</topic>
<topic name="policy-cracking">A guideline for wannabe MOO crackers.</topic>
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<topic name="policy-seconds">Second characters are frowned upon.</topic>
<topic name="policy-quota">Quota increases are given to those who have earned it.</topic>
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<topic name="policy-shouting">Proper use of the Shout FO (#1213) and general shouting.</topic>
<topic name="policy-spam">People dislike SPAM in all it's forms. (Including the meat)</topic>

<topics title="Other topics:">
<topic name="promotion">How to upgrade your rank.</topic>
<topic name="privacy">A note about the privacy of users on the MOO.</topic>

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