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Punishments for breach of policy are according to not only the type and severity of the crime, but also on your character's history.  From least severe to the most severe, these are the following methods of punishment available:

* Verbal Warning
Getting yelled at doesn't make anyone feel very good, and is usually considered an easy let-off.  Verbal warnings should be a signal to you that you are being given a chance to learn from your mistakes and clean up your act.

* Getting hoofed
This is a method for the Wizzen to let you know that you are out of line.  It simply disconnects you from the MOO, though you may reconnect immediately.

* Getting @warn-ed
@warn-ings are marks on your `permanent record'.  They stay with your character for as long as you remain on the MOO.  The more warnings you have, the better your chances of getting a harsher punishment on your next offence.

* Getting Newted
To get newted means to temporarily suspend your character from the MOO.  You will not be able to login for a specified time period.  Said period is determined by the Wizzen that newted you, based on your offence and your history.

If you connect as a guest, you run the risk of getting `blacklisted' as well, preventing you from ever connecting as a guest.  Further pushing your luck may result in extended newtings, or worse.

* Getting Toaded
When you are toaded, you are no longer welcome on `MOO Canada, Eh?'. You will not be welcome unless the wizard toading you decides to permit you back on the MOO. This rarely happens.

If you attempt to create new characters while toaded, these new characters will be recycled, and your connection site will be either blacklisted (no guests), spooflisted (no character requests), or redlisted (no connections from your site).

If your offence was serious enough, we will not hesitate to go as far as to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and have your Internet account terminated.  This is not an idle threat; we have done so in the past.  Such offences as performing illegal activities or engaging in the harassment or assult of another character is not only against our policy, but against any Acceptable Use Policy that your ISP may have.
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