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File name: page
Syntax:  page <player> [with] <text>

Sends a message to a connected player, telling them your location and <text>.

You type:
  page Doc with "What's up?"
Doc sees:
  A page comes from Chatenoogah, with a message from Buggs.
  It reads, "What's up?"
You see:
  Your message has been received.

Technical note:  When you page someone, you use *their* page messages.  This means that your messages (the only ones you can set) are only invoked when other people page you.
There are four page messages; thier functions are fairly obvious when one reads the default texts for each:
@page_absent #1823 is {"A page daemon comes swapping along, and takes your message.", "It comes back, telling you that %1 is asleep at the moment."}
@page_origin #1823 is {"A page-daemon comes swapping along from %n~l, with a message from %n.", "It reads: \"%1\""}
@page_echo #1823 is "A page-daemon comes swapping along, and takes your message."
@page_refused #1823 is "%1 is not currently accepting pages, sorry."

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