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The descriptions of most rooms outline the directions in which exits exist.  Typical directions include the eight compass points ('north', 'south', 'east', 'west', 'northeast', 'southeast', 'northwest', and 'southwest'), 'up', 'down', and 'out'.

To go in a particular direction, simply type the name of that direction (e.g, 'north', 'up').  The name of the direction can usually be abbreviated to one or two characters (e.g., 'n', 'sw').

In addition to vanilla movement, some areas contain objects such as transporters, vehicles and guides that help with navigation.  There are also specialized commands that are always availible like ?home?.

Related help topics:
  ?go?    -- allows you to combine a series of movements into one command
  ?home?  -- teleports you to your designated home, usefull if you get lost
  ?@join? -- teleports you to the location of another player
  ?chez?  -- teleports you to another player's home
  ?@move? -- a flexible method of moving yourself and your objects
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