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There are 3 personal properties that you can use to customize how your mail is composed and forwarded

 -- list of objects that will receive any mail that gets sent to you.
    Objects on this list should either be players or descendants of 
    If this list is nonempty, you will not receive any mail yourself unless
    you are on it.  E.g., if Rog is #4292 and ur-Rog is #6349

  #6349.mail_forward={}            -- usual case; ur-Rog gets his own mail.
  #6349.mail_forward={#4292}       -- Rog gets ur-Rog's mail instead.
  #6349.mail_forward={#6349,#4292} -- ur-Rog gets mail and Rog gets a copy.
  #6349.mail_forward={#-1}         -- ur-Rog's mail disappears without a trace.

 -- list of objects to be notified whenever mail is sent to you.
    This list may include anything that has a :notify_mail() verb.
    Notification will take place regardless of whether or how your mail
    is forwarded.  

Thus, in the previous example

  #4292.mail_notify={#6349} --- means that ur-Rog will be told
                                whenever Rog is sent new mail.

 -- this controls lots of miscellaneous things.  Use the @mail-option command
    to view and set these options (see `help @mail-option')

See `help mail-resolve' for more detail on how mail forwarding and mail notification work.  See `help MR-subscribing' for information on how to change .mail_forward and .mail_notify on $mail_recipient children, where they are !c properties.
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