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The MOO email system allows you to send and receive messages to and from other players.  It provides commands to view and manage your own collection of saved messages and, in addition, to browse through other collections that may be available (e.g.,archiv es of public mailing lists).  Help is available on the following commands:  

@mail     -- seeing a table of contents for a collection of email messages
@read     -- reading individual messages 
@next     -- reading the 'next'     message
@prev     -- reading the 'previous' message
@nn       -- reading the 'next new' (next unread) message

@send     -- composing and sending a message to other players
@answer   -- replying to one of the messages in a collection
@forward  -- resending one of the messages in a collection somewhere else

@rmmail   -- discarding some subset of a collection
@unrmmail -- undoing the most recent @rmm on a collection
@renumber -- renumbering the messages in a collection

@mail-option -- describes and sets various customization flags

These are some other help topics on mail:

mail-forwarding -- describes mail forwarding
message-sequences -- describes message-sequences arguments to @mail, @read, @rmm, and @answer.

For viewing collections other from your own, the following commands are useful:

@rn          -- list those collections that have new messages on them
@subscribe   -- indicate that you want @rn to report on a given collection
                  and optionally add yourself to its .mail_notify list
@skip        -- ignore any remaining new messages in a given collection
@unsubscribe -- ignore a given collection entirely from now on
                  and remove yourself from its .mail_notify list
@unsubscribed-- show the mailing lists that you aren't subscribed to.
@subscribed  -- like @rn, but shows all lists that you are subscribed to
                even if they have no new activity
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