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@imps returns a list of all Imps on Moo Canada, including whether they are connected or not.

Imp is one of the seven main ranks on Moo Canada.  In order to become an imp, you must first pass a series of three difficult tests.  The first test is setting your .wizard property to 1, or finding other means by which to give yourself wizperms ( if you don't know what this means, then you are not ready to try the tests ).  No one knows what the next two tests are except for those who have passed them.

Imps, by nature, have nearly the same amount of power that wizards do, but follow a somewhat less...conservative...usage law.  However they still abide by their own set of laws and never purposefully harm the moo; instead they try to protect it from the more reckless hackers and others who do not obey the moo's rules.

The role of the imps has begun to decline in recent years.  (It is rumoured that some of them have even forgotten how to program MOO code.)  

In time, the imps may all fade, until only their avatars remain - the remnants of a once proud order.
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