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Helpers are people who think that they know enough about the MOO to help other people with their questions and problems. 

Helpers can set themselves as helpers, but this is left as an excercise to the reader. If you cannot figure out what to set, then you are not experienced enough with information gathering commands on the MOO to become a helper. Please respect this and do not ask other helpers to tell you what to set.

Some helpers are programming helpers, which means they are experiance programmers who can help with programming concerns and problems as well as general things.

Players can use the @helpers command to see all connected helpers and wether they are programming helpers or not.

Also, if you're particularly lazy and don't feel like paging every single helper one at a time, you can use:

  page help

This will page everyone who has marked him/her/it/spivak ... self as a helper and is online.
note to helpers: Don't reply to such requests by paging help yourself.
Most clueless people will not have set themselves as helper.
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