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<p>MOO Canada's help system uses a custom, XML-based rendering system
developed by Lao-Tzu (#8084).  This allows the help to be rendered in a
variety of formats, including plain text, ANSI, and HTML; the
appropriate output is automatically generated from the markup.</p>

<p>The help system started with 709 texts to convert from plain text to
XML-help.  Thanks to help from people like you, we have already
converted 239 texts to XML-help.  If everyone puts in an hour or two,
soon all of the texts will be translated.  If you translate a page,
then you get your name mentioned right here!</p>

<li>Kagen (#1186): Numerous texts</li>
<li>whiz (#3135): 52 texts </li>
<li>Quadir (#9780): 20 texts </li>
<li>JS (#7214): 20 texts </li>
<li>Mandos (#8165): 11 texts </li>
<li>Zanshin (#7667): 10 texts </li>
<li>Kee (#8049): 10 texts </li>
<li>Trent_Reznor (#8940): 2 texts</li>

<p>To get your name added to this list, contact either JS or whiz,
who will be happy to get you started converting help texts.</p>

<topic name="xml-help-format">Documentation on the XML help format.</topic>

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