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  <usage>@accents <param type="optional">accent-format</param></usage>
    <p>Use this to set your client's method of interpreting accents. Simply try which of the following formats works best for you:</p>

HTML 		HTML-encoded accents (for MOOzilla and pueblo)
Stripped	No accents. This removes all accents from all text.
ISO		ISO-latin-1 accents (useful for ANSI-color compatible clients)
DOS		DOS-encoded accents
UTF8		UTF8-encoded accents
    <topics title="Related help topics:">
      <topic name="@render">set your renderer</topic>
      <topic name="@renderers">list available renderers</topic>
      <topic name="@linelength" name="@wrap">MOO-side line wrapping</topic>
      <topic name="@pagelength">MOO-side page-buffering</topic>
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