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  <usage>@timezone list</usage>
  <usage>@timezone <param>new-timezone</param></usage>

    <p>The @timezone command allows users to view their current time zone information, list all the available time zone settings, and change their current time zone information.</p>

    <p>The MOO server uses a very detailed database of time zone information, allowing details like daylight savings time, half-hour differences within time zones, and other such obscure problems to be dealt with properly worldwide.  For example, the 'Canada/Atlantic' time zone is offset four hours from greenwich mean time, but 'Canada/Newfoundland' is offset only three and a half hours.</p>

    <p>To pick the proper time zone information, use the '@timezone list' format of this command, and find the nearest major city in the list, or choose a region which you know has the same laws governing the time as where you live.  This is not always obvious, for example, Saskatchewan is in the central time zone, but does not do daylight savings time the same as the US central time zone.  Be careful!</p>
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