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File name: @subscribe
Syntax:  @subscribe *<collection>
         @subscribe *<collection> with notify

The first two forms of this command sets up a current message and a last-read-time for the given mail collection so that when next you log in, you will be informed about new mail that has appeared there.  Note that this happens automatically whenever you @read messages on a given collection, so if this much is all you care about, you don't need to use this command; just do, e.g.,
  @read last on *<collection>

The optional "with notify" argument adds you to the .mail_notify list for that collection, so that you will be notified *immediately* whenever new mail is sent there.

You can only @subscribe to collections that are readable by you.
The second form of the command gives a list of collections available to you.

Note that this is entirely different from the Mail Room `subscribe' command which actually adds you to the .mail_forward list for a given collection/mailing-list, so that mail sent to the list actually shows up in your own mail collection.
We're probably going to phase out the Mail Room `subscribe' command...

See also:  help @unsubscribe
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