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File name: @send
Syntax:  @send <recipient> [<recipient> ...]  [subj[ect]="<subject>"]

Prepares for you to compose a MOO email message to the recipients named on the command line.  A recipient can be specified by giving a player name or object-id, or a '*' followed by the name or object-id of some non-player mail recipient (e.g., a mailing list or a mail folder) -- a list of such non-player recipients is available from within the mailroom with the 'showlists' command.

The usual editor is invoked.   
You will be prompted for a subject line if you did not specify one in the @send command (see `help mail_options' for how to avoid this).
Use `say' (") to insert lines in the body of your message.  
See `help editors' for details.

Giving this command without arguments resumes editing the previous unsent draft message if one exists.
Size: 826 bytes.
File perms: Readable

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