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File name: @rmm
Syntax:  @rmmail [<message-sequence>] [from *<recipient>]

Deletes the indicated messages from your MOO email collection.
By default, your current message is deleted.
See `help message-sequence' for the full list of possible arguments.
You get the message numbers for use here by typing the '@mail' command.

There is no confirmation for this action, so be careful.  While it is true that @unrmmail will be able to bring back the messages deleted by the last @rmm, any messages deleted before then are really gone, i.e., irrecoverable.  See `help @unrmmail' for more information.

This command may be used on other mail recipients (children of $mail_recipient), but only ones to which you have write access (you either have to own it or be on good terms with whoever does...).
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