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File name: @pagelength
Syntax:  @pagelength <number>

If the lines you see scroll off the top of your screen too quickly for you to
read and your client program is such that any lines scrolling off the top are
gone forever, you can use the @pagelength command to invoke page buffering to
limit the number of lines sent at a time.  E.g., if your terminal has a 24
line screen, you can do @pagelength 24 and output will stop every 24 lines if
you don't type any other commands.

@pagelength 0 means no page buffering will be done by the MOO.

By default the MOO will assume you have an infinitely wide terminal screen, so
you may wish to set @linelength as well, and ensure wrapping is on with @wrap
on.  (See help @linelength and help @wrap.)  As with word wrapping, you are
best off running a client that can do its own page buffering; the MOO server's
page buffering is inherently slower.
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