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File name: @more
Syntax:  @more              <tab>
         @more rest         <tab> rest
         @more flush        <tab> flush

If you have @pagelength set (see `help @pagelength') and some combination of events or commands produces sufficiently many lines of output, you will see a message of the form

--- More (37 lines) ---   Type @more [rest|flush]

indicating (in this case) 37 more lines of text waiting to be read.  
At this point, you should give one of the @more commands above.  

@more without arguments prints sufficiently many lines to fill your screen, assuming you've set @pagelength correctly, unless there are not that many lines left to print.

@more rest will print all of the remaining lines, regardless of your @pagelength setting.

@more flush discards all remaining lines.

Note: instead of typing '@more' many users can simply press their <tab> key instead.  This might not work on all computer systems.
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