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File name: @gag
Syntax:  <TT>@gag &lt;player or object&gt; [&lt;player or object&gt;...]</TT>

Add the given players to your 'gag list'.  You will no longer see any messages that result from actions initiated by these players.  In particular, you will not hear them if they try to speak, emote, or whisper to you.  See 'help gagging' for an explanation of gagging in general.

Munchkin types:
  @gag Grover
and no longer hears anything that Grover says.  What a relief!

If you specify an object, then any text originating from that object will not be printed.  Example:  Noisy Robot prints "Hi there" every 15 seconds.   In order to avoid seeing that, Munchkin types:
  @gag Noisy
and no longer hears that robot!  (Munchkin must be in the same room as Noisy Robot for this to work, or know its object number.)

Related topics:
?gagging?  -- general info about gagging
?@ungag?   -- remove a player from your gag list
?@listgag? -- list the players you currently have gagged
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