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File name: @examine
Syntax:  @examine <object>
         @exam <object>

Prints several useful pieces of information about the named object, including the following:
        + its full name, aliases, and object number
        + its owner's name and object number
        + its description
        + its key expression (if it is locked and if you own it)
        + its contents and their object numbers
        + the 'obvious' verbs defined on it

[Note to programmers: the 'obvious' verbs are those that are readable and that can be invoked as commands.  To keep a verb off this list, either make it unreadable (see 'help @chmod') or, if it shouldn't be used as a command, give it 'args' of 'this none this' (see 'help @args').]
Size: 710 bytes.
File perms: Readable

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