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File name: @editoptions
Syntax:  @edit-option
         @edit-option <option>

Synonym:  @editoption

The edit options customize the behavior of the various editors (mail editor, verb editor, etc...) to your particular taste.  The first form of this command displays all of your edit options.  The second form displays just that one option, one of the flags listed below.

The remaining forms of this command are for setting your edit options:

         @edit-option +<flag>
         @edit-option -<flag>
         @edit-option !<flag>           (equivalent to -<flag>)

These respectively set and reset the specified flag

-quiet_insert    insert (") and append (:) echo back the line numbers
+quiet_insert    insert (") and append (:) produce no output
-eval_subs       (VERB EDITOR) ignore .eval_subs when compiling verbs
+eval_subs       (VERB EDITOR) apply .eval_subs to verbs being compiled
-local           Use in-MOO text editors.
+local           Ship text to client for local editing.
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