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File name: @comment
Syntax:  @typo    [<text>]
         @suggest [<text>]
         @idea    [<text>]
         @comment [<text>]

If <text> is given, a one-line message is sent to the owner of the room, presumably about something that you've noticed.  If <text> is not given, we assume you have more to say than can fit comfortably on a single line; the usual mail editor is invoked.  The convention is that @typo is for typographical errors on the room or objects found therein, @bug is for anomalous or nonintuitive behaviour of some sort, @idea/@suggest for any particular brainstorms or criticisms you might happen to have, and @comment for anything else.

If you're sending a bug report to someone because you got an error traceback when you used some object of theirs, please give them enough information to work on the problem.  In particular, please tell them *exactly* what you typed and *all* of the error messages that were printed to you, including the entire traceback.  Without this information, it is nearly impossible for the programmer to discover, let alone fix, the problem.

The usual mail editor is only invoked for this command when in rooms that allow free entry, i.e., rooms that are likely to allow you back after you are done editing your message.  Otherwise these commands will require <text> and only let you do one-line messages.  
Most adventuring scenario rooms fall into this latter category.
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