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File name: @check
Syntax:   @check <options>

where <options> is one or more of:
-- the number of lines to be displayed
-- a player's name, someone to be "trusted" during the assignment of responsibility for the message.
-- a player's named prefixed by !, someone not to be "trusted".

          @check-full <options>
where <options is either 
-- the number of lines to be displayed
-- a search string: only lines containing that string will be displayed.

Used when you are suspicious about the origin of some of the messages your character has just heard.

Output from @check is in columns that contain, in order, the monitor's best guess as to:
    what object the message came from,
    what verb on that object that was responsible,
    whose permissions that verb was running with, and
    the beginning of the actual message.

Output from @check-full is in columns that contains a description of all the verbs that were responsible for the noise heard, not just the best guess as to who was responsible.

@check operates by examining the list of verbs that were involved in delivering the message, and assigning responsibility to the first owner it sees who is not "trusted".  By default, it trusts you and all the wizards.  It uses the records maintained by @paranoid, so you must have used that command before you received the message.
Size: 1,329 bytes.
File perms: Readable

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