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<usage>@answer <param type="optional">message-number</param> <param type="optional">sender</param> <param type="optional">all</param> <param type="optional">include</param> <param type="optional">noinclude</param></usage>
<usage>@reply ...</usage>

<p>Prepares for you to compose a MOO email message to the players who either received or composed the indicated message from your collection.  The usual <link>editors</link> are invoked.  The subject line for the new message will be initialized from that of the indicated message.  If you leave off the message number, the reply will be to your current message, if that exists.  In fact you may give a general <link>message-sequences</link> argument here, provided that it indicates only a single message (e.g., <eg>@answer last:1</eg>)</p>

<p>If there is a Reply-to: field in the message you are @answer'ing, its contents will be used to initialize the To: line of your reply.  Otherwise, a To: line is determined depending on whether you specified `sender' or `all' in the command line (or your .mail_options).</p>

<p>`include' includes the text of the original message in your reply, `noinclude' does not.</p>

<p>`sender', `all', `include', and `noinclude' can each be abbreviated (e.g., <eg>@answer i</eg>).</p>

<p>Defaults are `sender' and `noinclude', but you can change this by setting your .<link>mail-options</link>.</p>

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