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    <TT>@addalias &lt;alias&gt;[,...,&lt;alias&gt;] to &lt;object&gt;</TT>
    <TT>@addalias &lt;alias&gt;[,...,&lt;alias&gt;] to &lt;object&gt;:&lt;verb&gt;</TT>

The first form is used to add aliases to an object's list of aliases.  You can separate multiple aliases with commas.  The aliases will be checked against the object's current aliases and all aliases not already in the object's list of aliases will be added.

If the object is a player, spaces will also be assumed to be separations between aliases and each alias will be checked against the Player Name Database to make sure no one else is using it. Any already used aliases will be identified.

The second form of the <TT>@addalias</TT> command is for use by programmers, to add aliases to a verb they own.  All commas and spaces are assumed to be separations between aliases.

Help is available on related topics:
  ?alias?     -- about aliases and how to choose them.
  ?@rmalias?  -- remove aliases.
  ?@rename?   -- change the names or aliases of an object or verb.
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