Foenique (#4232)

The enviroment around you collapses, ripples in water of colours and
shapes fading and blurring away as you focus on one young man,
standing before you. Even deeper, a small shine pulls you to a
bronze pin, attached to the breast of a vibrant red talon, a kind of
tight jacket with pointed tapers and an obvious black seam.
Decending bellow are simple black leather leggings, tied at the waist
with an interlaced metal ring belt. Last, his figure stands on dyed
red leather boots with black leather trimmings, thick soles and
reaching up past his ankles and a third of the way to his knees.

Your vision draws back, coming back into focus with the world around
you. Something about him keeps nagging at you though, wanting to
draw you in. His eyes, like suns during an eclipse, his nose, bent
down at a weird angle like a hawk and his lips, surounded by an
outline of a darker colour, perhaps black. They could all could draw
you in with their own charm, but for now you can look away.

[ look word on ~Foenique ]

Foenique is but a small flame, as if asleep, waiting to spark a brasier.
He is carrying Generic Connect4 Board.

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