Encryption Utilities (#111)

NOTICE: Neither the MOO nor the Internet in general are 100% secure environments. Keys and salts can be read through various techniques like packet sniffing and @listens. Please keep in mind that any documents requiring top secuirty should not be kept online.

The MOO Canada Wizzen take absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY for interception, alteration, or general unauthorized access to encryted, confidential, or personal information or keys and salts that are stored on, passed through, or accessed by the MOO. The user's discretion is advised.

Key/Salt encryptions:

:RC4(text, key) => Returns encrypted `text' using `key'. Reversable.
:CS1_[en|de]crypt(text, key) => Ditto.
:UNIX_crypt(text [, salt]) =>

Incomplete help file =)

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