Corinna (#2444)

You know, there's alot of things I could say about Corinna. I could
say she's a good listener, that she always manages to put a smile on
your face, or that she just makes everyone feel all warm inside. I
could tell you she's caring, that she's dedicated to her friend, that
she's fun.. I can tell you she's a workaholic who likes to take
charge and overload herself with responsibility, I can tell you that
like everyone, her life isnt as perfect as we always see it as. I
could go on about what she looks like, how old she is, and what
people think of her, but I think you should find that out for
yourself. All that's really important to know about her really, is
that she's worth knowing.
Guest Writer: ">URPLE>quadir (#9780)

She is asleep.
She isn't carrying anything.

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