ColonyB (#8282)

Hi there! I'm ATown, I own all the objects pertaining to the ATown Project.
Curious? ATown is designed to link MOOers together in a town setting. Our town is growing quickly, and we want everyone to be a part of it. There are maps and signposts everywhere to show you the way. In the City Hall (south of here), is a property list detailing where everyone lives.
You can use 'address <ATown-Address>' to learn what street an address is on.
Please note: You may not @join to anywhere in ATown except the entrance, #8031. This is to encourage a community feeling. We put lots of work in on describing the town, and we want you to enjoy it. We have a small garden at the corner of Yellow and Black, and a fountain at City Square.
Show your community spirit! If you create something nice that you think should be placed somewhere in ATown, just contact us. (It can be a $thing or a $room or a set of $rooms.)

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