Acro (#1528)

Acro is a neat little thing that Omnipresence created one day. Wondering what he is? He's an acronym machine!
Instead of having lots of verbs for people to add, list, or define acronyms, there is simply one notify verb, so you can tell him what to do just by saying stuff.
If you want to see all the acronyms that Acro knows, just say Acro, what do you know?
To get acro to define something for you, just "say acro, define " and he'll tell you(but make sure you don't put a period, or exclaimation mark or anything at the end). Or, if you prefer the "to" verb(don't worry, both of them are supported), type "to acro define ".
Adding to Acro used to be quite difficult, but it has been redone now and is quite a bit simpler:
just say acro, add
or to acro add
if he already knows , he'll ask you if yours is the same as his, answer him (yes or no). If you say yes, it'll abort, otherwise, it'll ask you what it is.
If Acro has never heard the acronym you tell it, he'll just ask you what it stands for, and thank you.
Feel free to add acronyms, and use Acro all you want, I didn't just make him for my own personal use...
and if you think Acro's description is spammy, check out his detailed help(type "see acro"). This contains examples, and trouble shooting.
Questions or comments are welcome, just mail me, or, if I'm on(which I usually am), just come talk to me...

Acro is in Junk Pile [DT].

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