Trunks (#3463)

This is Trunks, one of the coolest Dragonball Z characters around. He is the son of the prince of all saiyans, Vegeta. His mother is Bulma, a genius mind with beauty. Trunks has the good looks from his mom, but his attitude from his dad! He is about 21 yrs old. He has blue eyes with purple mushroom cut hair parted down the middle. He is about 5'11. he wears a blue Capsule Corp. jacket that is a bit wrinkled from it being in most of Trunks' travels, a black tanktop underneath his coat. To hold up his pants he has a belt that is also wrinkled with a silver buckel in the middle. He wears black baggy pants that are tucked into his orange like capsule Corp. boots that have a brown part in the heel and toe part of the boot. He may be a hunk to most of the girls, and plite, but believe it or not he has a greater darker side than anyone could imagine!

He is asleep, and his sword is laying beside him.
He isn't carrying anything.

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