Datum (#7871)

Write me if you like -- jeremy@nickurak.ca
This place was a remarkably important part of my formative years in software development, and I'm terribly happy that people are still on here occasionally, and would love to hear from anybody :)
I'm currently a developer / site-reliability engineer at Dotdash. My website, such as it is, is at http://nickurak.ca/ . You can also find me on twitter, at twitter.com/gehrehmee.
Looking upon Datum's tall, slim figure, you notice that his movements don't seem quite right. They're kind of jerky and almost mechanical. You're right. Datum is an andriod, but by the the look in his eyes, you can tell that his mind is human...

Hmm.... I should probabbly update this one of these days.
- Gehn

He is shut off.
He is carrying Datum [ir]'s a communicator.

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