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<p>Help is available on the following general topics:</p>

<topic name="introduction">what's going on here and some basic commands</topic>
<topic name="new">topics unique to MOO Canada, eh?</topic>
<topic name="index">index into the help system</topic>
<topic name="policy">what's appropriate and what's not on MOO Canada</topic>
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<topic name="players">setting characteristics of yourself</topic>
<topic name="movement">moving yourself between rooms</topic>
<topic name="communication">communicating with other players</topic>
<topic name="manipulation">moving or using other objects</topic>
<topic name="miscellaneous">commands that don't fit anywhere else</topic>
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<topic name="building">extending the MOO</topic>
<topic name="programming">writing code in the MOO programming language</topic>
<topic name="editors">editing text and code in the MOO</topic>

<p>Type <eg>help topic</eg> for information on a particular topic.</p>
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