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Certain mail commands, including @mail, @read, and @rmmail, allow a <message-sequence> argument that indicates to which messages in one's collection the command is to apply.  Any combination of the following may appear as a <message-sequence> argument to any of the various mail commands (@mail, @read, @answer, @rmm).

  17        message number 17 if there is one (and likewise for other integers)
  17..23    all messages numbered between 17 and 23 (inclusive), if any.
  cur       the current message
  prev      the message before
  next      the message after
  last      the final message if any (`$' is a synonym for `last')

You may use as many of these at once as sanity permits, e.g.,

  @mail cur 1..5 last

which will display the header for your current message, your messages in the range 1..5, and your last message.  Though some of these ranges may overlap, the header for any given message is only shown once in any event.

In addition, there are other message-sequence arguments that act as filters
on whatever precedes them

 before:<date>               messages strictly before the given date
 after:<date>                messages strictly after the given date
 since:<date>                messages on or after the given date
 until:<date>                messages on or before the given date
 from:<player>[|<player...]  messages from the given player(s)
 to:<recip>[|<recip>...]     messages to the given recipient(s)
 subject:<string>            messages with <string> in the subject
 body:<string>               messages with <string> in the body (SLOW!!!)
 first:<number>              the first <number> messages
 last:<number>               the last <number> messages

<date>  is either a weekday, an dd-Month, dd-Month-yy or dd-Month-yyyy date
<recip> is either <player> or *<$mail_recipient kid>


  @read from:G7|Gemba              read all messages from G7 or Gemba
  @rmm to:yduJ|*Core               remove messages that are to yduJ or to *Core
  @mail since:1-Jan before:1-Feb   show messages dated in January
  @mail since:Tues                 show messages dated on or after Tuesday
  @rmm subject:manners             remove msgs with `manners' in the subject:
  @mail subject:"stupid idiots"    (search string contains a space => need "'s)
  @rmm to:yduJ to:*Core            remove messages that are to yduJ and *Core
  @mail from:Haakon last:5         show the last 5 messages from Haakon
  @mail last:10 body:fribble       show those of the last 10 messages having
                                   `fribble' in the body (one should always try
                                   to narrow body searches in this way).
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