Setup for Post Office [DT] (#6062).

Object setup.

Object name:Post Office [DT]
Location:Earth (#1000)
Parent:the generic enhanced room (#1606)
Owner:Postman (#57)
Upon entrance, you see (to the chagrin of most) that this is a Canada Post Office much like any other. Stacked all over are piles of letters and packages in boxes labeled 'to be sorted', 'to be sent', and 'to be pilfered'. One wonders if anything sent will ever reach its destination, and then realize with a smile that this is cyberspace -- Anything can happen. To your left is the postmaster's desk, complete with water-filled rollerball, cash register, and box-o-stamps. From here you can mail any object to any other MOOer ... in time. Pretty neat-o, huh?You can go 'out' to enter the rest of downtown.

Physical setup.

Anchor: unanchored
Key/lock: unreadable

Room setup

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