Examining Post Office [DT] (#6062)

Owned by Postman.
Location Earth.
Child of the generic enhanced room (#1606) [Examine].
Has no children.
Contains 5 objects.

2 properties on Post Office [DT] (#6062) [Examine]
.halloweenCatspaw (#7921){"This is the central post office. A huge golden chair lays against one of", "the walls, lines with red silk, and seated firmly in it is jolly ol'", "Saint Nick. He has a beard that looks like fluffy snow, and wears all", "red, white and back. Besid...
.map_iconPostman (#57)rc"http://files.moo.ca/9/6/3/icon_tower4.gif"

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0 verbs on Post Office [DT] (#6062) [Examine]
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0 files on Post Office [DT] (#6062) [Examine]

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